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Best Practice: Inspiration and Ideas for Traditional Musicians
Best Practice Workbook for Musicians


The Best Practice Workbook

Improve faster by tracking your progress

Fits in your Gig Bag
1/4" x 5 1/2" • 100 pages • spiral bound

Each page prompts for date and today's practice focus/intention

Facing pages have one blank page and page of music manuscript  

Best Practice Workbook Interior Pages

Why Keep a
Practice Workbook?

Taking notes helps illuminate our progress. We all need motivation to practice. Every day we take a little step forward, and we need reminders that we're improving.


Even a few scribbled notes can help in many ways:


  • Write down trouble spots so you go straight to them next time.

  • Start each day's practice right where you left off.

  • Track the incremental gains that you make each day.

  • Record work on your short- and long-term goals.

  • Look back to remind yourself of favorite tunes and practice ideas.

  • The action of writing helps with memory retention.

A Companion to Best Practice

Judy Minot's acclaimed book, Best Practice: Inspiration and Ideas for Traditional Musicians, emphasizes the importance of setting goals and tracking progress. The Best Practice Workbook makes it easier for any musician to incorporate these ideas into their own practice.

read "Taking Notes" in Best Practice

read "Tracking Small Wins" in Best Practice

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