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Best Practice book cover
Best Practice: Inspiration and Ideas for Traditional Musicians


Best Practice Workshop Series: September 19 - November 28, 2021

This series of workshops will be based around the ideas in the book Best Practice: Inspiration and Ideas for Traditional Musicians.

Six 1-hour sessions will be held via Zoom videoconference.

They’ll happen every other Sunday, at 4pm US Eastern Time, beginning September 19, 2021.

The cost will be $120 for all six sessions.
Class size will be limited to 20.
Players of all instruments, all styles and all levels of ability are welcome.

You’ll learn skills for practicing more efficiently and with greater ease. While these skills are easy to learn, having a guide the first few times can really help. You'll walk away with tools you'll use every time you pick up your instrument.

Here are some core techniques we'll cover:

  • Fine tuning your ability to listen to yourself as the foundation for musical growth

  • Improving your musicality – making more people (including you) want to hear your playing

  • Simple but effective practice techniques to help you quickly conquer playing issues

  • Coordinating mind/body – to help you play with greater control, calmness, and comfort

  • Techniques for becoming a better teacher (of yourself)

  • Free Play - unleashing your creativity and building self-confidence with a simple exercise to do every time you pick up your instrument


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